Friday, October 30, 2015

Winterthur and Liechtenstein October 27

I headed out nice and early so I could explore a bit of Winterthur and then off to Liechtenstein. I had only seen Winterthur either in the dark or on the train which isn't very much. I took a picture of Sabrina's building - very new and one of the older style one beside her. I caught the bus at the round about and headed to the station. The buses and trains in Europe usually have a TV screen at the front that shows the next three or four stations. It is great because if you don't hear or understand the announcement you can read it on the screen. Less chance of getting lost, though I can "take the scenic route" (get lost) anywhere.

I found the pedestrian streets and all the bicycles. It was very early so not much was open. I headed back to the station and found people dressed like bananas handing out Bananas....... Maybe they were supposed to be Minions handing out bananas. Something to eat on the way to Zurich. The white lines on the street are used by blind or partially sighted people to find their way around the stations and bus stops. There is always a patch of white lines where the doors open. Also they lead from the bus into the station. I took a picture of the inside of a truck because the cards were arriving already shrink wrapped onto the card stand. I had never seen that before.

Off on a train to Sargens and then a bus to Liechtenstein. On the train I met a woman who had recently visited Canada and she pointed things out to me. I took some pictures of the lakes and the beginning of the mountains through the train windows. Not the best but the only option I had. When I arrived in Sargens the lady made sure I was heading in the right direction for my bus. I thanked her and I was off on another adventure. I got on the bus and asked if the driver could let me know when I was in Liechtenstein. As we crossed a bridge a few miles later she showed me the flags in the middle marking the border. About a mile further I asked if I could get off the bus and take the next one as I saw this beautiful castle on the hill. Of course I could so here I was in Balser not Vaduz taking pictures. I couldn't see a way up to the castle but it was still beautiful. On to Vaduz.

Next bus came and I was off to Vaduz. The closer we got the more the horizon was dominated by mountain ridges. Probably not the highest mountains but very dramatic. I got off in Vaduz and visited the church near the bus stop. It was very pretty and I took pictures inside and out including a gargoyle head. From the church you could follow the pedestrian way and it was dominated by many forms of art - metal sculpture, colourful heads, bronze works, granite etc. as you walked along, every time you looked up you saw the Schloss were the Prince lives. I found the Post Office and their postcards of Liechtenstein were reasonable so I bought some and sent them to the people I had stayed with. The stamps were beautiful. I wish I could have sent one to everyone I knew. I wander up the street, checked out the Postal Museum and the tourist shops. I stopped and had a bite to eat and decided I had to walk up to the Schloss or I would always regret it. What a climb. The lady in the tourist office said 20 - 25 minutes. It took me 50 going up and 25 coming down. Part of the way down was cobblestone and didn't have a handrail so I had to be extra careful. The views going up were spectacular. A camera can not properly capture them. There were benches along the way and a railing once you were on the actual Schloss trail. I stopped at the lookout point and took more pictures, some looking down. The tree with the red berries I took pictures of is a holly tree. I was a bit disappointed at the top as the trail stopped at the back of the Schloss and I was hoping the grounds around it were open. I took some pictures and headed back down. I caught the bus back to Sargens and after a train delay I made my way back to Zurich and Winterthur.
Sabrina had made a wonderful chicken dinner and after dinner I started packing as I leave for Portugal tomorrow.
More later - thanks for reading.

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