Wednesday, October 14, 2015


I forgot to say yesterday that Norway is beautiful. There are birch trees and evergreens everywhere and calm beautiful lakes with ducks and wild swans in them. Cathrine lives on the edge of a forest and on the other side are farms.
Early this morning we left to go to Oslo. It is a two hour trip. Two buses. But very comfortable like an excursion coach. We walked through the bus terminal and headed toward the harbour.
We walked up the Oslo Opera house. Yes I said up. You walk up different levels until you are on the roof. All the pieces of the roof slant at different angles so it is not too steep. I took pictures on the roof and we asked someone to take our picture.

We went to the museum of architecture. It was a strange museum because they were also looking at architecture in Comic Strips. It was like the architect was drawing the strips. There was also a short movie showing the history of Norwegian Architecture.

Next we walked towards the city hall and past the fort that guarded the harbour many years ago. The museum devoted to the Nobel peace prize was on the corner so we went in that one too. All the different peace prize winners were shown in a room where you walked along and if you waved your hand in front of the picture, it lit up and gave you details. There were seperate rooms devoted to special people like the Dalia Lama and Malala.

From there it is only a couple of blocks to the Royal Palace and the palace parks which are open to the public. We walked through them and found a little park with two dragons guarding a statue of a children's author. Luckily we found a restaurant nearby as it was getting late. I had a Norwegian sandwich of shrimp and crawfish at a restaurant whose name translates to "the happy pig". Cathrine had a Caesar salad with added chicken and bacon.

After lunch we went to the National Gallery and saw among other paintings Edvard Munsch, "Scream". It reminds me of a Halloween Mask.

Cathrine had a book crossing meeting in the mall beside the bus terminal. I said hello and then I sat and read a book. We got home around 8:00 o'clock. So it is off to bed very soon.


  1. How nice to follow your adventures once more! :)

  2. It sounds so beautiful and so interesting. I'm glad you were able to see so many wonderful things - and all in one day!