Monday, October 12, 2015

2015 A new Adventure

I know I haven't blogged for a year but here I go again. I'm off on a new adventure.

Today I leave for the adventure of 2015. I am going to Europe and again it may be my last trip across the pond. I am scheduled to visit Norway, Germany, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Portugal, Netherlands and England. I have booked all the trains and planes. I have friends from last year that I am staying with, and my luggage is packed.

Greg, Crystal and the family are driving me to the airport. I have managed to get a cold but I have cough medicine and cold pills so hopefully that won't bother me too much.

I have difficulty putting pictures on the blog so you will have to check my Facebook page for the pictures.

My first stop is Norway where I will be met by Cathrine, also known as Norway_girl. We plan to go to a glass works tomorrow.


  1. Have a great time Lynda. I look forward to being with you throughout your travellings via this blog and your FB page!! Safe travels and take LOTS of pictures! xo Tracey xo

  2. Have a safe journey to Europe :) I am looking forward to see you in Bielefeld in a few days :)
    Get well soon
    Hugs Anke aka xtlera

  3. Drink warm water with honey and lemon on the way over. Best non-drowsy remedy ever. Love, Christine and Gary