Monday, October 19, 2015

Day Two in Bremerhaven

The restaurant last night was over by the commercial area of the port. I wish I had taken some pictures but the battery in my camera died. It was decorated like an old sea shanty, it even had a naked mermaid. It also had an aquarium right beside us. There were two clown fish and two "Dory" from Finding Nemo and several other varieties of tropical fish.We had Bouliabaise and a Bremerhaven Fischteller or variety of fish. It was very good and I ate almost all of it.

This morning after breakfast we went down to the port to see a cruise ship that is being outfitted in Bremerhaven. Angela Merkel is holding a conference later and 800 will have dinner on the ship tonight. After the ship Brigitte dropped me off down near the pedestrian streets and I walked along taking pictures. I wanted to go into the old church but it wasn't open.

I went to the Marine museum and looked at everything from a boat that was dug out of the harbour to whaling equipment to new sailboats and arctic explorations. There was a skeleton of a whale hanging from the ceiling. There was a huge artificial pond in the basement and I got to steer a cruise ship around from one end to the other and turn it around and go back. It wasn't my fault the other boat and I banged into each other.

I'm off to Hamburg again tomorrow. I want to explore the port there the next day. Bye for now.