Thursday, October 29, 2015

October 26th Zurich

In Zurich early this morning. I wanted to explore the old city, go down to the waterfront area, go up the Uetliberg and explore the part of the old city on the opposite side of the river.

Started off at the Hauptbahnhof and saw the Blue Angel hanging from the ceiling. Filled my water bottle from the boy with the alligator and off I went. The broad yellow lines are pedestrian crossings and give you the right of way if there is no light. I love the little covered balconies that hang over the road. Every one is individually designed so I took lots of pictures. There were also paintings right on the walls plus statues and fountains. i found some beautiful old churches. No pictures allowed inside. I walked down to the waterfront and found people feeding the swans and ducks. I caught a tram that I thought was heading north but it went to the side so I hopped off just past the opera. I went into the grocery store and bought lunch. A sandwich and a banana. I walked back to the Opera house. There is a big plaza there with lots of chairs. They chain two chairs together so people won't steal them. I was watching the fountain and eating. It was a warm day and the sun was shining. Could I ask for anything more?
After lunch I took a tram back up to the station to go up the Uetliberg. It is a high hill outside of Zurich - not a mountain. It helps if you get on the right train. I didn't. So I had to come back and start over. Luckily it was only a twenty minute ride for each trip - the wrong one and the right one. After you get off the train you are only about half way up. Now you start climbing. That is what it felt like as the road was on a steep incline. I made it and after taking some pictures I decided I had better climb the tower or I would regret it. There are 9 flights of 17 steps each and 3 straight landing platforms. It is 180 metres high. Tough climb but I made it. Another adventure and victory chalked up!
I returned to the city and explored the opposite side of the old city. There is another old church filled with Marc Chagall stained glass windows - no pictures allowed. I went outside and discovered that the banners hanging from the light standards were copies of the stained glass windows inside. So I took pictures of them. I wandered through the narrow curved streets window shopping and taking pictures of every unique thing I saw. I ended up near the station on a bridge with the beginning of a love lock collection.
I headed back to Sabrina's house and made dinner of Spaghetti Bolonaise for us. More adventures tomorrow as I go to Liechtenstein.

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