Monday, March 12, 2012

Drat that Daylight Saving Time

Getting old has its drawbacks. My sister Peggy says her internal clock and biorythyms are out of balance for a week after the time change.  She's retired. I still work. I changed the bedroom alarm clock twice yesterday so I went to work at 6:30 instead of 7:30 this morning.

I'm up to 97 Postcards sent and 93 received. I am now expecting one from Tortue in France. Some of my latest were of "Wild Boar " from Belarus (I wonder if they hunt them like Texas does?) and a fortified castle from Romania (Miko Castle).

Peggy and I found an inexpensive hotel in Washington, D.C. three blocks from the White House. It is used mostly for school and bus tours but we don't mind, we stayed in a similar one in Florence a few years ago. I've made a list of all the important things we want to see. They are all quite close except for the National Cathedral and it is just a few metro stops north. Peggy, of course wants to find quilt shops, but there are none in Washington. We will have to see if we have an afternoon to go to Maryland or Virginia and find one for her.

We have booked the airline flight to Portugal. It turns out that by flying into Porto and out of Lisbon we save $120.00 over the cost of flying into Lisbon and out of Porto -- That is crazy but true. We have found a hotel in Fatima - there is a mature adult special we are hoping to get. It includes a fruit basket and afternoon tea. It is only a dollar more then the regular price. I'm mature in earth years if not in the way I act.

I think we have settled on a hotel in Porto, just checking on the WiFi . With the iPods that is important. Now I am checking on Lisbon. This is the fun part for me. I love looking into this stuff and finding the best deals.

I am already collecting stuff and putting it in the suitcase - eyemask, inflatable pillow, travel stuff I don't use the rest of the year. Postcrossers in Portugal get together quite often so I may meet some of them when I am there. That would be very different. Meeting people you may have written to or who you may write to in the future. I will add a couple of postcards to this tonight.