Friday, September 7, 2012

Permanent memory of Portugal

We arrived in Porto to beautiful weather. We found the hotel after asking directions and almost starting a fight between two pensioners. The lady lead us to the right street and almost got me killed along the way. We did a little exploring and found the local restaurants and the local grocery. We came back and took a nap and then went exploring again. The main part of town is downhill from us. The uphill climb to the hotel was a bit nasty but we survived.  I watched the tennis and we both over slept but it probably helped our internal clock
This morning we got up about nine and after breakfast we headed downtown. Disaster struck. I was taking a picture, turned and was closing the camera when I put my foot in rut and fell. I sprained my ankle.
 The sunglasses took a chunk out of my nose, I banged my forehead and scraped my knee. I refused to give up. We continued on, crossed the Dom Luis bridge and spent my time on the skycar and tasting port along the river.
When we got back to the hotel I have been icing my ankle which is quite swollen, but the rest of me will survive. Where is finding take out for us tonight and I am hoping the swelling goes down.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Panic Mode - Night before the flight

I don't know why I am in panic mode. This is by no means my first trip. It just seems that at the last minute I don't seem to know where anything is or what I should do next. The clothes are ready to pack but not in the suitcase yet. I think I have it under control but not quite.

Tomorrow evening I am flying off to Portugal with Sherie for two weeks.  It's going to be fun. It's going to be different because the only person I ever travel with for the last four years has been my sister Peggy. Sherie and I went to the Bahamas a few years ago but she has never been to Europe so it is going to be a new adventure.

We are going to Porto in the north of Portugal for a few days. Next we will rent a car and see the rural and seaside parts of Portugal using Fatima as a base.  Last we will spend the remainder of time in Lisbon. I hope to Blog everyday so you can keep uptodate. I have got my playbook with me so I can add photos to the blog. I will also upload some to facebook.

That's all for now


Sunday, September 2, 2012

Catch-up with all the news June and July

Hello again everyone. Time to do a little catchup as I have fallen behind as usual. This is the Rose of Sharon that my mother bought for me for my birthday the summer before she passed away. It is in the corner of my little back yard of the condo. The umbrella is in my neighbour's backyard.

I survived Washington with no permanent damage.  Sprained ankle healed in about 10 days. We went to the Air and Space Museum out by Dulles Airport the next day.  Fabulous place. We got to see the Space Shuttle and the Canada Arm. Stairs were difficult but I found ramps and elevators. Tons and tons of airplanes, gliders, helicopters and spacecraft from every era. We had a great time. The hotel staff again was excellent. They gave great directions and if Washington transport was better we would have done well. It seems the bus to the Airport and the shuttle to the Museum do not coordinate so we had a bit of waiting to do. But it was worth the wait.
The rest of May was taken up with Stratford. Frances and I went to Cymbeline on May 18th at the Tom Patterson Theater. It was great. Then we saw The Matchmaker on the Festival Stage. The Matchmaker is a non-musical version of Hello Dolly. It concentrates on the comedic side of the play and was very funny. Even though you knew the ending it didn't feel stale. On the 29th we saw the first play that we had planned on seeing - 42nd Street. Glitzy and glamourous it was fabulous.