Friday, September 7, 2012

Permanent memory of Portugal

We arrived in Porto to beautiful weather. We found the hotel after asking directions and almost starting a fight between two pensioners. The lady lead us to the right street and almost got me killed along the way. We did a little exploring and found the local restaurants and the local grocery. We came back and took a nap and then went exploring again. The main part of town is downhill from us. The uphill climb to the hotel was a bit nasty but we survived.  I watched the tennis and we both over slept but it probably helped our internal clock
This morning we got up about nine and after breakfast we headed downtown. Disaster struck. I was taking a picture, turned and was closing the camera when I put my foot in rut and fell. I sprained my ankle.
 The sunglasses took a chunk out of my nose, I banged my forehead and scraped my knee. I refused to give up. We continued on, crossed the Dom Luis bridge and spent my time on the skycar and tasting port along the river.
When we got back to the hotel I have been icing my ankle which is quite swollen, but the rest of me will survive. Where is finding take out for us tonight and I am hoping the swelling goes down.

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  1. I thought you might post a picture of your wall hanging from Portugal for a memory of your trip.