Friday, March 15, 2013

A little catch up

I haven't been here for awhile. Everytime I went to blog I either had writer's block or I was too busy to sit down and actually post something.
I had a great time in Portugal though I did fall down a hill and cut my nose and my knee. Strained my ankle but I drank losts of Port to make up for it.
Since then I went to California for Thanksgiving. Spent a quiet time there but I did get to walk across the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge. Kind of windy but the view was spectacular.  Next time I'm down I want to go to Alcatraz.
I went to Thunder Bay for Christmas. It is nice to spend time with family. Peggy and Mike (Sister and Brother-in-law) and I get along really well, so the visits to Thunder Bay are very relaxing.
Bill and Winnie came to visit in January. They are always interesting to have around. I think Bill can give a synopsis of every movie he has ever seen. He just has to remember the name of it. So he asks Winnie with the vaguest of clues and eventually they both remember. I sent him home with some Tim Horton's Latte T-Discs for his Tassimo.

I'm going to post some postcards that haven't made it to the sender. Some have expired and some are very late. I really like these postcards and feel bad that I can't share them on my postcard wall on because they haven't been registered yet.

Art from the MOMA

A Roy Lichtenstein from the MOMA

Roadside Tourist Attraction

Cute Puppy

Middlesex County Courthouse

Thunder Bay Friendship Garden

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  1. Nice pictures of the postcards. Also nice to see you blogging again.