Monday, March 25, 2013

Week before Easter

We got a little silly on the Postcrossing forum last week. We mailed cards to each other with short addresses to test the pos office. All the address had was a) Unit or street number b) Postal code c) Country.
Well the Post Office is doing its job. Gran7 (Eileen) got hers today in England and I got 2 cards one from her and one from Nyassa

From Gran7

From Nyassa

A few weeks ago I entered a lottery asking for tips on how to study for exams. I wrote a paragraph about taking frequent breaks, getting enough rest, making point form notes etc. Well I didn't win but the organisers were so astonished that I had just finished University that they sent me a card anyway. It arrived today. Here is the front and back with the addresses removed.

The weekend began quietly crossword puzzles and coffee. A good laugh as we discovered that there is no such word as CAS and the answer to ______  in cat was C as in cat not CAS in cat.

On Sunday I went to a birthday party for one year old Clara Boogard, got my hair cut and colored and went to dinner with friends. Now that the hair was cut I got my passport pictures done.  Here is the beautiful results. Looks more like a mug shot.


  1. Wow, your picture turned out really good. Mine are usually a disaster.

  2. Poor old Philip. Maybe Liz hit him with her handbag. :)

    (nyassa on Postcrossing)