Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring and new Postcards

Spring has arrived and so has the snow. Winter doesn't want to go away. We have had some snow everyday. Last weekend Frances and I went to the Orchid show in London. They were beautiful but there weren't enough of them.  They had some on sale but none of them really grabbed me so I came home empty handed.

I have been hanging out in Postcrossing Forum lately and I have won some Lotteries and done some swaps.  Some of the lotteries and swaps have come as signed cards. I can't remail these so they will never be on my postcard wall. I decided this was a good place to put them so others could see these neat postcards.

Swap - Cheeses of Italy

Lottery win: Diaoyutai State Guest House Beijing

Lottery win: Southeast Asia flags and Map

Coin Swap and the nice lady sent me a postcard as well

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