Monday, November 7, 2011

Travelling to Tahoe for a wedding

Well after twenty-eight years of living with her boyfriend my younger sister has decided to get married.  So on Wednesday I am off to San Francisco to meet with relatives, including the lucky couple and drive up to Lake Tahoe for the Wedding on Friday. The last week has been a bit of a whirlwind for me as I coordinated with sister Peggy in Thunder Bay to get plane tickets, hotel rooms in Tahoe and Toronto a sim card for the US etc. for the trip.  Then there is always packing, and making arrangements to make sure that everything is covered at home, last minute shopping and getting set for the trip etc.

It turns out the weather is about the same during the day but at night it is below zero.  Who would have thought that you go south and get colder but it is because you are on the desert, so it doesn't hold the heat of the day. We usually travel in warm weather or go south to warm weather if it is winter. Packing is a whole new thing when you want to just have a carry-on but pack warm clothes for night and a bathing suit and sandals for the hot springs.

Yesterday I was going crazy because I couldn't find charging cords. Turned out I had put them way for safekeeping (haha) but finally found them last night. I think I am ready now - Hair appointment down, clothes picked out, everything packed. Suitcase weighs 19 pounds - 3 pounds under the limit.

Congratulations to Christine and Gary!  California/Nevada here we come!