Monday, October 10, 2011

The treasures of a Hoarder

I never realized I was a hoarder until I looked in the spare bedroom.  The closet is full from top to bottom with boxes. The bed is covered and the floor has boxes as well. I couldn't get to the cupboard or the set of storage drawers as the pile was too high.

Time to weed it out.  In the last week I have given 5 boxes and two bags to the Salvation Army, thrown out at least ten bags of garbage, sorted down to two plastic containers of pictures (23 Gallon size plastic containers), found enough wrapping paper to last a year or two, sold two boxes of books, given away another two boxes of books and a bag of toys.  Hardly seems to have made a dent.

With all this sorting I have discovered $8.50 worth of stamps (mostly 6 cent ones from the 60's and 70's) a dozen retro postcards unused, a few hundred first day of issue postage stamps with cachet envelopes, numerous computer discs that I can't even use anymore (does anyone have a 3.5 inch disc or a 5.5 inch one) and a dollar and a half worth of Canadian Tire money.

Not everything needs to go out but I do need to sort it and decide what stays and what goes. I am going to hang every framed picture I have and all the old pictures are going to be scanned so I can give dvd's to the family. I found a birth announcement for Craig Graver and postcards that Peggy and Frankie each sent mom 40 years ago. I am putting the first day stamps on a website for sale. I'm getting rid of most of the books. I'm sure that as soon as I get rid of most of this stuff I will need it again.  I am still going to get rid of it!!

Well now I have had my break for the day - so back to work I go.  If you don't hear from me check under the pile of junk in the back bedroom.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

St. Thomas Construction Site

I got sent to St. Thomas to help the on-site representative of the other Architect who is involved with the construction of the St. Thomas Mental Health Building for St. Joseph's London Hospital.

I went down before lunch to do a walk around the site.  Most people walk around the solid areas of the site and take what pictures you can see from there. David decided that he should take pictures from the top of the dirt piles around the construction excavation. I followed David partway up the hills.  That was enough! He took a large step that I couldn't match and my foot went down, down, down. I ended up with one leg sunk upto my knee in the mud. David pulled me out and I kept my boot on - though it weighed about five pounds more when it came out. Hopefully I won't end up in that deep again.  All the guys on site kept saying "Oh you found the soft spot eh"

Took my safety training today and I will be going to St. Thomas at least twice a week for the next while. Just have to keep away from the soft spots.