Sunday, October 18, 2015

Hamburg and Bremerhaven

October 17th
Woke up early this morning and read until I heard the family wake. I had a beautiful hot shower before breakfast. Breakfast was buns and pastries with a selection of meat, cheese, jam and a special concoction of susauge, and mayo and a crisp vegetable. I tried it as I have tried everything people have fed me but it wasn't my favorite. It was a bit too sour. If there are spelling mistakes it is because I am using a European Keyboard and the letters are in different places.

The Postcard meeting started at 11:30 and we met at Central Station. Once everyone was there we left to walk around downtown and look at postcards. I bought a few but not many as I don't send foreign postcards from home very often. We walked and walked and went to many stores. I took pictures of the harbour. We finally stopped to eat and write postcards. I ate a very delicious potato soup with sausage. Around 4:45 Nicole and Larissa and I left to get me on the train for Bremerhaven. It was a quiet trip but it looks like the same festival was on in Bremen as last year. I could see the lights and the ferris wheel. Brigitte met me at the train. She has a broken foot. But she is feeling better than she was last week. She made a beautiful dinner of bacon, peaches, beans and potatoes. We sat up and watched tv about Cuba.

Oct 18th
This morning Brigitte and I sat and had coffee and breakfast and talked about Bielefeld last year and what we are doing this year. This afternoon I went down to the harbour for a few hours and watched the ships going in and out of the inner harbour through a lock. I walked along the sea front and went to a shopping mall under the conference center. I enjoyed myself but it was getting cold and foggy so I took the bus back to Brigitte's house. Tonight we are going out to a fish restaurant. I'm off to write some postcards.

My cold is getting better.

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  1. I missed you mentioning that you had a cold. Hope you are feeling better soon. Being away and not feeling well sucks :(