Saturday, October 24, 2015


Oct. 22nd

We started out by car after breakfast. Nicole left her husband and two sons at home, but we will drop Larissa her daughter off at her aunt Martine's house for the weekend. This is school break week so there is no school today and tomorrow. Martine's house is in Neustadt about 2/3 of the way to Bielefeld. She doesn't speak English but was very welcoming to me and fed us a hot meal of noodles and meatballs with peppers in a red sauce with chocolate pudding for dessert. We said good by and we were off again.

I don't think I have been hugged as much as I was when we arrived in Bielefeld. Everyone remembered me and was happy to see me again. I found my room, I am sharing with MissMaple and Roos. It's on the first floor so no stairs to climb this year. I found Egni and Nissimor. We are travelling to Switzerland together. I am sitting with the same group from last year. They are always finding something to laugh about. I keep telling them they are having too much fun. Off to bed around 10:00 but I sat up reading for awhile. It is very relaxing here. I stamped about 500 cards tonight. My stamp has a Canadian flag and my name - LyndaC.


  1. 500 cards! They must need their own suitcase.

  2. Everyone brings there own cards plus two cards were designed for the meeting. I only sent 20 cards this year but we all sign each other's cards. We each pay for our own stamps. I sent some cards to family and friends and I sent some as official Postcrossing cards.