Friday, October 16, 2015

Arriving in Hamburg

I left Norway this morning. It was a long walk up that steep hill but a beautiful day once the fog lifted. Cathrine came with me Jevnaker to say good bye and make sure I got the right bus.

The plane was on time but I tried to go the wrong way. Luckily Passport Control are nice people and sent me back the right way. I had a window seat but we were above the clouds so not much to see. We landed in Hamburg and it was raining.

The S-Bahn said "All trains go to Central Station" which is where I was to meet Nicole, that was before the accident on the tracks. We all had to get out and transfer to another line and another train. The first was so full I couldn't get on. Well I could have but when I bent down to get my bag two men jumped on and took my place. It took awhile but Nicole and I found each other and went home to her house to have soup. It was excellent soup - chicken with peppers carrots and chick peas.

While waiting for her husband to come home I played Rummikub with Nicole and her daughter Larissa. Larissa won twice. When Nicole's husband came home she and I went to Miniature Wunderland. It is set up with hundreds of train tracks in 3 or 4 rooms and a working airport where planes take off and land. Parts of it were set up for Halloween and when you pushed buttons different sections had action. The midway rides ran, the fire engines went to a fire, cranes lifted loads etc. it was a lot of fun.

I'm getting ready for bed now so I will write to you from Bremerhaven tomorrow night.

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