Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Lots of interesting things happening and tons of pictures but we are finding it hard to find internet access. Either it is an arm and a leg for cost or like the present (Library) has a ton of restrictions on it.  We found one the other day that was less then 6 € an hour and the place smelled of beer and cigarettes. Many are up huge sets of stairs to the second floor then back down another set to a back area. 

We are having a great time. Knock was interesting 5 churches in a town of about 500 people is always interesting. Souvenirs were rather junkie.  The B & B was on the way into town and the bus driver let us off at the driveway.  The only Bar in Knock was right beside the B & B and I think they owned it as they had the same last name.  The Bartender was their son Ierla (Jerald) who is heading to Dublin to University this year.

Galway was great we spent the first day (arrived at 11:00 am) seeing the city and as we were in the center of town that was rather easy. Next day going to the Cliffs of Moher was beautiful and we met a lady who lives 1/2 a mile away from Peggy's sister-in-law in Newfoundland. The Bus Driver Desmond Morris stopped at a ton of places and told jokes and entertained us the whole way.

Next day we took the bus to Killarney and met a young Italian lady on the bus who came to Ireland to practice and learn English but has a hard time understanding Irish people.

We arrived in Killarney to find the B & B a little out of the downtown but not too far.  Eileen makes up for it though.  She runs a well respected B & B - the tour buses stop automatically to see if anyone is coming.  Her breakfasts are delicious and she volunteers to throw a load of laundry in for you too.

We walked out to Ross castle that day and back through Killarney Park.  Saw Hind which is a form of deer in the park.

The Ring of Kerry yesterday.  The Driver wasn't as good as Des.  Told you what had gone past. The ring is a ring of Mountains. spectacular views. A bit of Sensory overload.  Stopped at Bog Museum, Dog and Sheep demonstration, Very high very very windy hill that overlooked the valley of the hidden treasure Coom A Ceistre, and Lady View - overlooks the Killarney lakes and was Queen Victoria's favorite spot.

On the last day in Killarney I lost my wallet. I didn't realise it for a couple of hours.  We walked back to the last shop I bought anything in and while we stood there the sales clerk realized that it had slipped down between the showcases.  Everything was intact. Thank you St. Anthony and Sheila from Christy's Store.


  1. Again, very humorous and informative. Jam packed. Appreciate the photos both of you were able to upload. Glad you found your wallet.

  2. And I should add, I am going to print all the two of you have written and mail it to Carole.