Monday, August 16, 2010

Three more sleeps and we are off to Ireland

As you can see the Rooster bag is packed for the plane trip. It has the meds, the camera, the book, the MP3 player in it. The eyemask, the pen and pencil and the notepad are hiding in there too.  I'm doing one last pack tonight and trying to see what I am missing as I am sure I will forget something of value. Except for the brough, Ireland is at least a country that is speaking the same language as I am.  Hopefully we will understand them and if we need help we can make ourselves understood.

Nicky Farnell offered us hospitality today while we are in the British Isles but I explained that we were staying in Ireland. I told her that if we got waylaid by the volcano we might pop over and see her. Next year we will have to make time to see her when we are in England. I really enjoyed meeting her and her family last time I was in England.

 I managed to get everything in the small suitcase. I hate bringing a big suitcase as I don't like to drag it around. The small one will still weigh about 25 pounds by the time I am done. I still have to fit shoes in to it (Outside pocket). The Rooster bag will be my purse on the plane but my day bag when we are out sightseeing.  I never carry anything of value in the bag - umbrella sweater or rain jacket, water bottle or snack.  I pity the poor thief who steals it as there just won't be anything of value in it.

I am eating my way through the fridge.  There are only a couple of eggs, half a loaf of bread, cheese, some raspberries, condiments, beer, and water left. I am not getting rid of the frozen food but any opened packages will get tossed Wednesday night or Thursday morning. I'm doing fine so far.

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