Sunday, August 22, 2010

2nd day in Ireland

We got up a little late for us and enjoyed a full Irish Breakfast. The coffee is too strong but the eggs were great. I forgot that Irish bacon is a cross between ham and Peameal bacon. I t was great. Headed back down town and took the full circle of the hop-on hop-off bus. e found the Temple Bar Market and bought Cheese and buns and strawberries for lunch along with some great icy cold water. We saw St. Stephens Green park - someone as having wedding photo's there and we wandered through and took some pictures. I read the map and took us as Peggy says through a lot of back alleys until we found St. Patrick's Park and Cathedral. Just a half a block up the street we found a TIM HORTON'S. It was an outlet with a machine but Tim's is Tim's. and I was happy to see they had some in Ireland.

We couldn't find a bus so we walked up to Christ Church Cathedral and Dublinia Exhibit.  It was just closing but they let us use the john which is always important.  Across the road there was a Viking Fest going on. That was the highlight of the day.  I got a picture of a 3 year old Viking with an axe in his belt shooting a bow and arrow.

We walked from there over to Duke Street and had some Smithfields Irish Ale at the Davy Byrne Tavern. Hopped on the number 7 bus and had Fish and Chip Dinner at the local Pub and some more Irish Ale. Back at the hotel we had a late snack of Strawberries, cheese, crackers and Australian wine.

I feel like all I talk about is food - but the sights are great as well.  Tomorrow I will write about the Book of Kells and the great tour we had there.


  1. It sounds like your days are full and enjoyable---I am a little concerned about all the beer drinking going on though !! hahaha !! Keep those posts coming as it is fun to follow where you are going !! Take care Glenna

  2. I've been reading your blog and Peggy's, but haven't commented until today because I am at home and couldn't remember my google password.
    Please keep writing as I am enjoying your travels.

  3. Lynda and Peggy, sounds like you are having a really good trip.