Saturday, August 21, 2010

My Birthday in Ireland

Top of the morning top ya!
This is the first internet cafe we have found so everyone can forgive the delay.

We arrived yesterday morning. and just as we waited for the bus the sky opened and it rained. Arrived at the hotel a little wet and fell up the stairs.  No harm done.  The guest house served us warm scones smothered in butter and strawberry jam as a welcome.  You can tell I didn't book this place though, the stairs to the front door were bad enough but we are on the 1st floor with no elevator.  Luckily we had a young man to bring the luggage up.  Irish locks are backward and Peggy couldn't get the door open, but luckily the young man knew how.  The rain stopped in the afternoon. The room is very nice and we are in the G.B. Shaw wing.
We took an nap in the afternoon and later went down town on the Dart (Light rail like a subway but overhead). The gap is big between the train and the platform and my vertigo kicked in but I managed.  We did some sightseeing and joined the Dublin Pub Crawl Literary Tour and lo and behold I won the quiz t-shirt.  I decided it was my early birthday present.

Had a full irish breakfast this morning. Haven't had the nerve yet to try the white and black pudding. We drank Heinekin draft and Bulmers cider last night. We may share a 1/2 of Guiness today. I think that is an acquired taste.

 We are doing the hop-on hop-off bus today and visiting some of the sites. The driver is quite the wit. We may do the river cruise this afternoon. Can't add pictures today as the card slot doesn't appear to work.

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