Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Last Day in Dublin

Sunday Morning we got up bright and early to go see the Book of Kells.  We got off at the wrong bus stop and an old lady told us it was only a short walk back to Trinity College.  A short block in Ireland is about a mile, a long block is two miles. We crossed the road and caught the Hop-on Hop-off and let him take us to Trinity College.  Just through the Archway into the square was a small stand and a sign saying tour including the Book of Kells was 10€ and two students were standing there.  Since the Book of Kells was 9€ we decided it was worth the tour.  Steven was our guide. This is his third year at Trinity and he was very knowledgeable about all the funny history of the school. Who got shot through his bedroom window etc. Interesting note Trinity had no heat and no running water until 1980. Brrrrrr. We went down to Temple Bar for lunch. Irish bacon is like peameal so a BLT is a little different. While we were walking back up to Dame street we ended up watching a gay rights Parade - equal rights Gay marriage etc. then we went to Dublin Castle and there was an eight hundred year anniversary of the date that King John gave freedom or Liberties to the city.  We got to watch the parade and the speeches.  We were going to tour Dublin Castle and City Hall but the Castle tours were backed up more then an hour and the City Hall was closed because of the reenactment.  Then we got lost and took the bus the wrong way and missed the last Liffey River Cruise.  We went off and found an ecobike to take us to the craft shops and had a good little wander about and then opted for a couple of pints to ease out upset at what we had missed that day.  There we were on Duke street - I knew a short cut. 

For Dinner we ate at the rooftop restaurant at Marks and Spence.  I took pictures of the pigeons bothering the patrons outside.  It was very funny.

Went back to Ariel House to pack and I think all the contents grew as there didn't seem to be enough room for anything. Finally got packed. We were reading things and discovered that Irish water only has a three day life.  That's what the bottles say - Please discard three days after opening.

Yesterday we took the train and the bus from Donegal to Sligo.  The Train in Dublin - DART has a terrible gap and I kept having trouble getting on and off.  The ride to Sligo was very nice but the bus to Donegal was hilarious.  Two old grannies who had been shopping and wanted to make sure they were on the right bus and couldn't make the arm rest work. etc.

The B & B is way out of town.   We went on the Waterbus. More later - bye for now.


  1. Sound like the two of you are seeing a tremendous number of interesting sights each day. Very interesting and funny.

  2. I re-read the bit about Trinity College. I can imagine no heat and no hot water, but no running water?? Did they use outdoor plumbing? Were residence halls in a separate building? Very odd.