Wednesday, August 11, 2010

8 days until we leave for Ireland

Got my car back. Seems to be running fine. Turned in the Yaris - I will hear back from them about the damage. Hopefully not too much.

Got my marks from school - Final mark for the Course was 77. I am so happy with that mark. Only two courses to go before I am done. Going to have someone pick up the mail while I'm away in case the course material comes.

Have to check and make sure the bills are all paid this weekend - most are automatic but just in case.... I better check before I leave.

Going to see Dangerous Liaisons with Fran at Stratford tonight at the Festval Theatre. This may be our last treat of the season as any play we haven't seen appears to be sold out or down to the last ticket or two - mostly singles - so there probably won't be any deals coming up.

Only 8 days until we leave for Ireland. It is coming very quickly and I keep thinking of more things I should pack or check on or something. I feel like I am going a little crazy. Take a deep breath Lynda ... you can do it.

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