Tuesday, August 3, 2010

16 days and counting

I finished the stain glass and it is awesome. I put it and some other stained glass on my facebook page and Emma Skillen likes my first piece best. I always liked all the blues and greens in that piece. I still haven't finished the frame for the big piece but I'll get there.

Wrote the final exam in Religion and Science. I think I covered all the bases. Hopefully I should get around 75 on the course. I was lucky - two of the questions were really the same question asked from the opposite point of view. I believe I got good marks for answering both of them.

I took the boys, Carter and Lincoln to see Peter Pan. Carter was a hoot,before the curtain went up, he kept asking me to read portions of the program - telling him who made the sets and who played the parts and which picture of the actors/actresses was which character in the play. He loved the play and he enjoyed himself very much. Now Lincoln is three and he was funny. The moment we got there he noticed the doghouse. As soon as the dog came on stage that was it. He loved it. The only problem was the dog left the stage and Linc kept asking "Where did the dog go?" After the intermission Mom decided that it would be better for Lincoln and her to watch from the lobby. He still enjoyed the play very much.

Rogers Cup Tennis is on for this weekend. Shirley and I will go to qualifying on Sunday. It is the men this year and I am hoping that we get to see some of the big names practicing. It is always nice to see the up and coming players. In another year or so I will recognize them when I see them at other tournaments. I saw Gilles Simon at the Rogers years before he became a well-known name.

Next play is in the works, Sept. 11, 2010 Dangerous Liaisons. This play was banned in the early 1900's. Fran and I are back in the Festival Theater front row of the balcony. It should be good.

Only sixteen days (to the hour) until I am getting on a plane to Ireland. There are clothes and stuff all over the second bedroom. I feel like I am going crazy, but I'm sure it will all work out in the end. I still haven't absolutely decided on a suitcase. The small ones all seem too full but I hate to take the big one. I bought a new charger for the European phone and within hours I had found the old one. The new one is non-refundable of course.

By the time I get back from Ireland, Matt from EllisDon, who I have worked with for almost two years will have left for nine months in New Zealand with his church group. I am going to miss him, we have worked together for my whole time on this project. We are going out to lunch on my last day before vacation.

I signed up for two more courses: Women, Religion and Spirituality and Women in the Ancient World. If I can manage these two I will Graduate with a B.A. in June of 2011.
That will be an accomplishment - The thought makes me smile.

I will try to get another entry next week maybe after the play. Then it will be blog around Ireland, hopefully everyday.

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