Monday, July 12, 2010

A quick two weeks

July 17, 2010
I started this post on the 12th but didn't publish it so the date is wrong.

When I left off the Stained Glass wasn't finished and I was lamenting about how busy I was. As Christine pointed out I should look on the bright side. I second that, at least I'm around to do all this stuff. I got the stained glass window sodered but I still need to patina, putty and powder it. I may get that done this weekend.I think I will slap some paint on the frame then take sandpaper to it and make it look French Provincial. Not Great French Provincial by my French Provincial.

On Monday last I was in Stratford having dinner with the people I used to work with at Cooper Stantard Automotive. Most of them are working for other companies spread out over southwestern Ontario. Stephen Yu and his wife Louise Lui were home from China for a vacation. The boys are really grown. Derek is 15 and Darron is 11. I remember taking the gifts the office had bought to the hospital when Darron was born. Steve is working for Magna now and says he will be back in Canada in a few years. Gerry Feeney and Darlene were there too with their little one Chelsea who is now 4. Very cute and a bundle of energy once she got over being shy. I had General Tso's chicken and ate with chopsticks - I felt very proud of myself. It was nice to see Brenda, Jasminka, Wendy, Rick Petrie, John Seward, John Seed, Paul Kooren and all the others. Steve reminded us that we should get together more often.

They were having a discussion about mandatory retirement and I reminded them that I wasn't ready to retire. Many of them were suprised to learn that I will be 65 next month. Made me feel good. I guess I don't look too old.

I wrote my large essay for University this week. Two thousand words on Creation: The Bible versus Science. Got my mark back already. I got an 80. I had an 80 for the first essay but lost 5 marks for being late. Adding that up I have already passed the course (54) but the final worth 30 marks will bring that up to anywhere from 69 to 84. I am really studying this week.

Thursday night Fran and I went to see The Winters Tale at Tom Patterson Theater. Second time at that theater and both times it rained just as the play started and quit just before it ended. Last time it started again before I got home but this time it cleared so the ride home was great. The play itself was excellent. I had never heard of it before but the acting was wonderful and the seats are always good even though we don't pay a lot for them.

I got a really fabulous deal on Peter Pan tickets at Stratford so I am giving them to Stephanie's sons Carter and Lincoln(Glenna and Gerry's grandsons) as a birthday present. She and I will take them. I will give you a blow by blow of the reactions of a 3 year old and a six year old to the play after we have seen it.

I'm heading out in a few minutes to have lunch with Peggy. She is in town to bring Emma back from Thunder Bay.We are going to go over some of the details for the trip which is now less then 5 weeks away. The excitement is building and the internet is buzzing with things to do and places to see.

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