Friday, July 2, 2010

Fireflies and Fireworks

Up until last week at Joanne's birthday party I had never seen a firefly in Ontario. Someone said that there were fireflies in New Brunswick when we were camping but I wasn't sure I was seeing fireflies or just some reflections. Last week they were definitely fireflies in Judy's backyard. Well now I have fireflies as well.

Tonight I was treated to two fabulous backyard fireworks displays and there were fireflies on my back patio. I started hearing bangs around 9:30 pm and wondered where they were coming from. Because the High school is next door we can get weird echos. I took the garbage (Lobster and corn on the cob for supper) out so that the kitchen wouldn't stink in the morning and saw that it was someone out the back of my patio. I took up my position with wine glass in hand. Standing out on the patio after dark was different and all of a sudden I saw blinking lights and realized that I have fireflies too I just never noticed them. The neighbours had a great fireworks display. It must have been several people who pooled their money because it went on for more then 40 minutes. Multiple colors and whiz-bangers and whistlers and roman candles and the ones that go up and turn into little lights like bugs running in all directions. All of a sudden there was an eruption around the corner of the building and I could see the lights reflecting but not the real explosions. Another neighbour had started a second display. I grabbed a chair and went around to the west side of the building and lined myself up to watch both shows. They were interesting as two shows and every once in awhile they would have a fireworks duel. It was a lot of fun to watch. I have been to smaller displays that were organized by towns.

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