Friday, September 3, 2010

Cork and potatoes and the Irish

We took the bus to Cork. The Hotel is very close to the bus station and across the river and up the hill from the Train station. We went out to Blarney and climbed a million steps and kissed the blarney stone. I thought I was going to fall on my head. I should have worn a belt so the man could have held on to that as you are upside down when you do this. The gardens around the castle are very spacious but not much was blooming. We visited the Witches kitchen and the Druids rock(?) etc. and came back to town. Did some shopping the next day. Peggy keeps saying that my suitcase will burst, but it hasn't yet. I have bought a down filled vest, a scarf, an aran sweater, numerous knick knacks and souvenirs (mousepad, magnets, etc.). Cork has several pedestrian streets so we roamed around and found the English Market and the Merchants Quay which were the best things anyway. The English Market is a food market like Bousqueire in Barcelona or San Vincenne in Paris - covered farmers market. We had dinner at a very nice restaurant. I ordered the lamb and I had some beuatiful lamb served with 4 kinds of potatoes.

The view from our window at the hotel is great we can see the city as it rises from the river.  We also went to Cobh pronounced Cove where the people left for America during the famine. Very moving exposition of the various facets of the times and the hardship of the people.  Walked around town and saw the Cathedral and the Promenade and the Titanic memorial. 

In Malahide today - Saw the Castle - going to Dublin this afternoon.  Home tomorrow.

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