Sunday, September 25, 2011

Battle of the Blades

Karen and I went to Battle of the Blades tonight. It is at the Mastercard Center in Etobicoke this year. New place so we went down early to find the arena and a parking space and see about dinner.  I got off at the wrong exit but the GPS found the place for us and I managed to back into the parking space without causing damage so I was happy. 
We brought some dinner with us and ate it in the area near the concession then headed in to find our seats.  We had no seats!! We found the section and the row but our tickets were #18 and 19 and there were only 16 seats. We started asking where our seats were and no one could figure out. It turns out they put an extra camera on that side of the arena and eliminated our seats.  They called for the floor manager and she thought she could solve it. She decided we should get the bleacher seats in the corner of the arena - no chairs just benches and in a bad corner.  I refused. I told her I had accepted tickets at center ice and that was where I wanted to be.  There were several celebrity seats that had no one's name on them so I said we would sit there. She was worried someone would come but I said no one's name is on them - who is going to come?  In the end she gave us two seats in a section marked Marie-France Dubreil and said she had been told that Marie-France was not using all her seats tonight.
Boy was she wrong!!! Marie had eight people show up including her husband Patrice Lauzon and daughter baby Billie-Rose.  They ended up in front of us - which was really great and we didn't have to move.  Part way through the show the baby started fussing and Patrice was trying everything to keep her from crying.  She was hanging over his shoulder and ended up grabbing for my hands and squirming toward me.  Patrice let me hold her and she jumped and danced on my knee - I was thrilled. I was good though I gave her back after a few minutes.
The show was great, Marie Frace is my favorite, Wish I lived in Toronto so I could go tomorrow night as well. I can hardly wait for next week when we go again.

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