Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Hampton Court and the members room

Slept in a little as we had a late night back from Stonehenge. I usually don't eat breakfast but watching others eat a full English while I have a continental breakie is getting to me.
After breakfast of toast and tea we headed for Waterloo station to catch a train to Hampton Court Palace. Mastered the ticket machine and found seats facing front - not too full. The palace is across the bridge and right on the main street. After doing the first set of Henry Rooms we decided to visit the members rooms as it was a perk of our Historic Castle membership. Very nice very English lady answered the door and welcomed us. The tea machine broken but she managed to get me half a cup and went out and got Peggy one at the cafe when she lost our money. Shabby rooms but nice people - volunteers.
After lunch we continued to explore, found the rest of the wives and portraits of Edward and Elizabeth.
Headed back to London and went to Piccadilly circus and walked down th Waterloo Place. Took some pics and went back up to find St James Market. Mostly antique items that I don't know the value of so we just looked. Had to buy a new umbrella as the wind and rain today destroyed mine. Picked a Union Jack. Found a couple of small figures of a Bobby and a Busby at a street vendor. Gave up siteseeing because of the rain. We will eat near the hotel tonight.
Tomorrow Buckingham Palace.

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