Thursday, September 8, 2011

More Palaces in London

Today was the big day. Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London. We walked through Green Park to get to Buckingham Palace as this is the closest underground. Many others joined us it was like a pedestrian street. Sorry to say the Canadian monument with it's fountain and carved leaves is being renovated but the Canada Gate was bright and shiny. Asked a policeman for directions and had my picture taken with him as there was no crowd. Short lineup to show e-mail and get tickets then a wait for our time. Usher kept telling everyone to go use public toilets as none were available in palace. We got to see the state rooms and the faberge jewels. This castle appear to have had the most done to it for comfort. There are rugs on the floors and it is homier then the others, if a castle can be homey. I guess it had the air of welcome for all the ornate and regal rooms.
After the tour we stopped at the outdoor cafe. Peggy had hot chocolate but I had strawberries and whipped cream. I shared a dollop of cream with her. Since it was early we made our way towards the Tower of London stopping for a burger and beer along the way and of course some more souvenir shopping along the way. We watched a parade of Horse guards ride up the mall which is as long as the Champs Elysee. And we took pictures of the guards at Clarence house and had pictures taken with several. More later.
Off we went to Trafalgar Square. We took pictures of the lions and the fountains and the column with Nelson on top.
Next we were away to the Tower of London. We listened to some of the history told by a Beefeater, like the gin but then we wandered around checking out the exhibits. Wee saw the crown jewels and the vaults that protect them then we climbed to the top of the wall and walked along it and I tried on a medieval helmet and we checked out the exhibit describing the animals the kings kept -now kept in Regent park zoo. We saw and did just about everything then went out and walked along the bankment to take pictures of the Tower bridge.
Back to the hotel for local food and rest. More tomorrow.


  1. Did you see the Tower and the jewels? (I'm having problem with leaving comments on your account). Christine

  2. Having trouble blogging but should be finished now - iPod tried to spell animals anals but I corrected.