Thursday, September 1, 2011

Supposedly easy day in Paris

We slept in this morning until 10 am, of course that was after I had gone out at 8 for fresh baked croissants. We finally left around eleven and explored the area around Hotel de Ville. I bought a watch and found Jacques Tower. Took lots of pics. we also found the smellier washroom in Paris. Drifted over to Notre dame to meet a student guide that would take us on a walking tour of the left bank. Ate a banana crepe. But it wasn't as good as others have been, square and dry. The tour was interesting but the guide was a little immature. It was. Hard keeping up with a 20 year old. Went to Luxembourg Gardens - ok but not gorgeous.
Headed home to do laundry and eat grilled ham and cheese sandwiches and do the laundry.
Peggy says the other customer was doing laundry for his girlfriend and him, but maybe he was a crossdresser. He helped us open the washer when it got stuck, so he was a nice guy. We are off to Vimy tomorrow. Good night. Wish I could add pictures.

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