Monday, September 5, 2011

Windsor Castle, Oxford University and Stonehenge

Caught the tour bus at 10:30 at the Royal National. It then took an hour and a half for Tim the driver to stop at the other hotels and pickup the remaining passengers. We had the front seat. Tim was excellent as some of the spaces we navigated were only inches wider then the bus. Off we went to Windsor Castle - free audio which we listened to for the first five
minutes then we wandered. Went through the state apartments - a little too formal for me to live in. The castle is really a series of buildings but no pictures inside. So I will upload other pictures when we go to Internet cafe.
After Windsor we went to Oxford University. William the guide was very knowledgeable and showed us the staircase from Harry Potter and the dining room at Christchurch that Hogwarts was modeled after. Harry's scar is based on the stonemason's mark outside Convocation Hall. William also talked about Alice in wonderland and stainglass windows with the characters and other people who went to school there including Christopher Wren.
Finally we were off to Stonehenge. We missed the rain all day except when we were in the bus. It was overcast and stormy which added to the mystery. A henge is a circular wave of earth surrounded by a moat or ditch and is older then the stones. There are two kinds of stones and they are in circular and horseshoe shapes. I took a lot of pictures but ca only post on facebook for now. Tired and happy signing off for now.

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