Sunday, September 18, 2011

Postcrossing - Fun Mail

I've been back from holidays for a week and working from home. That is a little unconventional for me but I expect to have a proper office soon.

In the meantime I have takien up a new hobby and it is so much fun I have to share. is a site that gives you addresses so you can send postcards to people around the world and once your post card is recieved you get a random postcard from someone you don't know somewhere in the world.

These are three of my favorite so far.

So far I have recieved cards from Germany, Holland, South Africa, Indonesia, Finland, Macau, USA.  I love opening my mailbox these days because I never know if there will be a postcard inside and if there is - where will it be from. 

In turn I send out postcards to addresses I get sent by the website. So far I have sent postcards to Russia, Belarus, Finland, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Netherlands, Taiwan and USA.

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