Wednesday, October 15, 2014

second day in Amsterdam

If you read facebookyou know I got lost already and the police drove me to the boat.
After I got settled I took the bus back to central station and meet two ladies who send postcards the same as I do. We went postcard hunting. We had Chinese food for supper and. Walked around the red light district. Not all the windows had girls in them but enough to get the point.

This morning I had a typical European breakfast bread, ham, cheese and strong coffee. I have been out wandering the city since then. Before I left I wrote down the name of the bus stop so the bus driver won't let me off at the wrong stop.
I am sitting at a cafe near the Anne Frank house eating a Dutch meatball sandwich.
Will write more tomorrow.
Here is everything I forgot to say earlier. I went throu St Nicholas church. Very beautiful. I found the Magna Shopping centre -very high class. I explored Dam square and the area around it. Found the condomerie and bought some condom postcards. Had treat called ijs half ice cream and half whipped cream. Visited the cheese museum and the tulip museum.  Went to the blommenmarket- flower market.visited the church beside the Anne Frank huis but the lineup was too long at the Ann Frank huis.

And it is only 4:00 o'clock I am off to take a canal boat ride.


  1. Thank you for blogging. Sounds like you are having a jam-packed visit already.
    Love, Christine

  2. Busy! You had me at meatball sandwich and then the dessert ...mmmmmmm, I'm all about the food! Can't wait to read what's up next - enjoy!

    What are the PC names of the ladies you met up with!