Sunday, October 19, 2014

From Bremen to Berlin

Saturday October 18th
I woke up early this morning. My internal clock has adjusted to Europe so I may stop setting the alarm on the cell phone. I made sure I was packed up, took my bags down to reception and took off downtown to see the square in the daylight. When I turned into the street that leads to the town square there was a Saturday market. Wonderful flowers, food, and craft booths open. I bought breakfast in the square. Waffles with icing sugar, cherries and whipped cream. I posted a picture on Facebook.  I wandered down the narrow streets of Shnoor, the oldest area of Bremen and of course visited the musicians again.
I went back and picked up my luggage and stopped at the post office to buy stamps. When I got to the station I was early so I fought with the Internet hoping to get on. No luck. I went up on the platform for the train only to find out it was cancelled and I had to get my ticket stamped and take a different train. They emailed me around the time I was fighting with the Internet. Luckily I caught the train and connected but I was an hour late getting to Berlin.
Two buses and I arrived at Kastanallee. The apartment is one floor up but the room is large and I love it. Picture on Facebook. Ana from Postcrossing left me an email and said to phone as soon as I arrived. I called and she and Paulo took me to a Korean restaurant for dinner. The gps took us on around about route but on the way back it was one turn and we were on the right street. Ana gave me a book of Berlin postcards and told me about the Sunday flea market in Mauer Park.
Here are some random thoughts I had while trying to write this blog.
Why is there a 6" bronze leg in front of a commercial building in Amsfoort, Netherlands?
Why do I always seem to find the train car with the seats backwards? Do people want to see where they have been, not where they are going?
 Why do bikes and trams have the right of way in Netherlands? Shouldn't people count? Why does a tram always seem to cross in front of you when you have a walk signal?
In Germany people put decorations on historic staues like Roland in Bremen and people say that he is just having fun. We put bows on geese in the Eaton Centre and it is a National outrage.
Bikes in the Netherlands are too tall. I don't think I could pedal from that high. They say you don't put your feet down you put it on the curb instead. I fall off little bikes I wasn't willing to try big bikes.
It is really hard to notice the difference between the sidewalk the bike lane and the street. They are just different patterns of brick or cobblestone.

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  1. You are lucky to have found so many kind and generous people. I am going to read up.on Bremen.