Friday, October 17, 2014


Hello everyone.
I took the train to Bremen today. People along the way helped me with my bag on the stairs. I found the hotel without much difficulty and got directions to downtown.
Today was the first day of a festival in Bremen. There are rides and carnival games and lots of artisans down by the city hall. People dressed up in medieval costumes, musicians and food vendors lined the streets.
I had a late breakfast and missed lunch as there. Was no food on the train. I made up for it tonight. I had pome frites from a street vendor, beer, and littl donuts hot and drenched in icing sugar. Oh, did I mention the great chocolate and vanilla cream ice cream. The vanilla wasn't ice cream but the Chocolate was. I had a wonderful time but since I didn't know where the fireworks were I headed back to the hotel early. I will post pictures on Facebook.

I can hear the fireworks now. It is 10:00 so I am not going down stairs to find them.

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