Monday, October 27, 2014

Postcards, postcards, postcards

Last entry I said we arrived in Bielefeld. That night about three quarters of the people were there. The rest arrived the next day. Everyone was wearing name badges with their nickname, real first name, country and one star for every year they had been coming to the meeting. Some of the names were hard to pronounce and some were just wrong when pronounced in English, so everyone laughed. It was in good fun but I wished I had a hard name like Hermione so I could laugh at them.
On Thursday night people were writing postcards that they would send. The group had printed up stickers that said 5th annual meeting etc, so you collected them and added them to your card. There were also strips with everyone's name and a place for a check mark so you knew if you had signed the cards. I want to do that at our next meeting.
I had a nice roommate, Brigitte from Bremerhaven who spoke English quite well so we lay in our beds and carried on talking for awhile. She has been here 4 times before and could tell me about things.
The next day we went to the Nixdorf computer museum. Quite a good display of all the ages of printing, telephones, calculators and computers. There were several old relics that I had used over the years. I have been working with computers for 49 years. I posted some pictures on Facebook. By the time we got back signing postcards was in full swing. There are so many people to sign that I could only use stickers on the larger cards. I have learned to print very tiny.  Some people went geocaching in the evening. I lent them my flashlight. Others had gone to a unesco site during the day. Everyone does there own thing but we all are together in two rooms working away.
More later - I'm in Paris this morning and it is my turn for a shower.

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