Sunday, November 2, 2014

Saturday my last full day in Paris

Woke to a beautiful day in Paris. The sun is shining and I can see both Sacre Couer and the Eiffel Tower. There is no fog or smog today.

I checked the map and one block over and turn left and I can go back to the Bastille to check out the market stalls that were empty yesterday but I expect will be full today.

It doesn't take much to make me happy. I found a "nez", which is a public water tap with clear cold water. This one the water squirts from the mouth. I took a picture. The market was in full swing but these artisans and artists want a lot of money for their originals. I passed on a 4 inch rooster for 30 euros or about 50 dollars.

I headed down to the Metro and got a surprise. I've seen panhandlers with dogs but this was my first rabbit. Check him out on Facebook. I took some pictures and gave them .50.
I was heading for the Eiffel Tower because that is where most of the boats leave from. Today is take a boat tour day. I walked from the ecole Militarie station over to the Champ de Mars. I'm not sure why there are hoardings up everywhere. They aren't enclosed they just snake up the lawn open on one side and then the other. They seem to be there to discourage people walking on the grass. A Belgian family was trying to take a selfie so I volunteered to help. Peggy they said the pictures turned out nice and they were not crooked. In turn they took mine with the Tower in the background.
I walked through under the tower and bought a pistachio and citron ice cream. Always eat dessert first when on vacation. I walked across the bridge and bought some key chains. Bought a ham and cheese on french bread. Ate it in the park nearby. I decided to walk down to Pont Alma and met another two Belgians on the way. These ladies were looking for the Champs Élysées and were lost. I showed them how to get there. One tourist leading another. I took a picture of the flame which is dedicated to the French Resistance.
I took the boat tour from Pont Alma as they broadcast in English and you don't have to wear an earpiece to listen. Relaxing enjoyable trip. Took an hour - not as spectacular as the Berlin one or as interesting as the Amsterdam one, but a relaxing journey. Haha autocorrect just changed relaxing hour to relaxing journey.
I was going to head up to Monmarte area again but got off at the wrong stop walked the wrong way and got lost. Once I figured out where I was (asked someone), I decided to stop for a beer instead. Free wifi so I followed Milos Raonic playing Thomas Berdych and winning while I drank that beer.
Returned to the apartment packed cleaned up and went out for supper. An omelette and salad was all I  needed. I am off to Brussels in the morning.

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