Friday, November 7, 2014

November 6th Salisbury.

We drove to Salisbury in the morning.
The traffic was heavy at times but we kept moving. Luckily we found a parking garage very close to the Cathedral. The weather started out bright and beautiful but clouds rolled in by the time we arrived at Salisbury.
As we waited for a tour the chaplain of the Cathedral, who says prayers every hour spoke to us and pointed out some of the items of interest.
Volunteers give tours of the church and the room holding the copy of the Magna Carta. Frank was our volunteer. He was a senior citizen and very knowledgeable about the cathedral. We had a great tour taking more than an hour. He showed us original parts and those destroyed in Cromwells time. He pointed out special graves and altars and had many anecdotes about royal figures buried there.
After the tour of the church we went to another area and viewed one of only four extant copies of the Magna Carta. This one is in excellent condition because it was misfiled and therefore wasn't exposed to the elements or to Cromwell or other arguing forces. There are English translations of the document but the original was written in Latin. The reason there are several copies was that they sent one to each area of England and many were kept in the Cathedrals.
Next we stopped for a late lunch of tomato and basil soup. Delicious! We ate it right in the restaurant attached to the Cathedral. It had rained while we were inside but had now stopped. We could see the outside wall of the cathedral through a glass wall in the restaurant.
On to Portsmouth. We found our Premier Inn and relaxed and unpacked. There is a pub across the road so later we went for dinner. We had a lovely meal but the highlight of the evening was dessert. Profiteroles with delicious filling, chocolate sauce, cream poured over and ice cream on the side. Enough for two to share. Sorry no picture. We ate them before I thought of it. Off to the Dockyards tomorrow.

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  1. So interesting about the Salisbury Cathedral and all the copies of the Magna Carta. So much good food, too.