Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Nov. 4th last full day in Brussels

Another cold day in Brussels, but not as windy.  On the way to the Museum this morning I did some shopping picked up a few souvenirs and took a picture of a Belgian beer store. These stores are all tiny si I'm not sure how they keep any amount of beer cold.
The Brussels Museum is in the Grand Place. I got a discount for being old. Yeah for being old! The first and second floors had ancient art that had obviously been dug up plus tapestries, beautiful pottery and China objects and paintings. There were scale models of what Brussels looked like four hundred years ago. All very classy and beautiful. Each room had plasticized handouts on the wall that were English translations of the writing by each exhibit.
Did I say classy? How come to the third floor. Here we have an exhibition changed every week of 100 of the 750 costumes of Manniken Pis. He has been wearing costumes for special days right back to the 17th century. I took pictures of some of them and wait for it. There is a costume from Canada among the rest. It just happen to be on display this week.
After watching a movie about him I went back to see the fountain again. This was a special day. He was dressed in a costume pertaining to one of the Belgian schools o higher education.he is dressed approximately 35 days a year.
I had a hearty bowl of Vegetable soup with liberal amounts of bread and butter for lunch and strolled around the downtown area in the afternoon. I watched street musicians, saw the burgomeister statue, found a bar called Roosters. I was supposed to meet a postcrosser at 4:00 so I spent the last hour visiting the Cathedral. King Baudouin has a bust on the walkway upto the Cathedral. That wasn't as unusual as the strange art on the lawn and the lounge chars permanently on the grass.
The inside of the church is impressive. I took a picture from the rear of the church and from just in front of the altar. It is very beautiful.
I went to Mokafe and met Anna (Anneke) and we went and had tea and lemon meringue pie. More like lemon cheese cake with liberal hand brûlée-ing the meringue. It tasted good but the meringue was melted. Fabiene and Laurence (female) failed to show but it was cold and I was tired so I took a sandwich home to eat later.
I am all packed for tomorrow. I will set off early as the station is big and I would rather be early and have time to find the right platform then be rushing and get myself upset.
I will blog after I get to Nicky's.

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