Saturday, April 8, 2017

Ready to go to China

It is Sunday afternoon and I think that 99% of everything is packed. I can't pack the electronics until this evening.
At a few minutes to 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning I will be heading for the meeting place for the bus to pick up all the people going on the tour to China. We are flying from Toronto to Beijing - a thirteen hour flight. We will visit Beijing, Xi'an, Suzchou and Shanghai.
I have decided to take a smallish (large carry-on size) suitcase, a backpack and my purse. We can get laundry done in the hotels. I just don't want to have to drag around a big suitcase.
So here I go - Fresh haircut, clothes, camera, snacks, purse, tickets, Chinese currency, US Dollars, Passport and Chinese Visa. I'm ready to go!

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  1. I'm leaving for Shanghai tomorrow! I haven't been able to pick up a trip next week while you are there yet...I'll keep trying! Shopping at Science and technology and $10 massages are my favorite things to do there. You will have to buy another suitcase after the great shopping there is to do! Remind me and I will get you an email with the no-haggle people I go to that will give you the best price right away. The "airline" price. Prescription glasses for $60, great prices on designer shoes and bags and good quality still in theaters DVD's for 80 cents each!