Thursday, November 12, 2015

Nov. 6 - Rotterdam.

This morning Leonie and I set off to explore Rotterdam. Most of Rotterdam especially the harbour area was destroyed in WWII.  Therefore unlike other cities in Europe Rotterdam is a new city with innovative and sometimes weird buildings. There is a lot of new sculpture some of which makes you ask " Is this art or can I cart it away?" I took lots of pictures until my camera died and then Leonie took some. There are still some on their way.
The highlights of the day were the new Market building, the poffertjes and the marine museum display of boats in the water. We walked along the Maas, we watched the water taxis going at break-neck speed. I investigated the cube houses. They were very strange and topsy turvy. All the rooms are weird shapes and windows can look down on the street or up but rarely straight across to your neighbour. I think that some of the corners woul be hard to clean and the stairs are quite steep, but it is an innovative idea.

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  1. Hi Lynda, I have just received a Postcrossing card from you (turtle) and I decided to check out your blog. What a surprise to find Rotterdam (my home town) as your last post and a little further down Seville, where we have been last week on o little road trip. It is interesting to read about other people's description of familiar places.
    Are you intending to continue to write your blog? If so I would like to become one of your followers.
    Happy Postcrossing,
    Greetings from sunny Spain,
    Lisca (