Sunday, September 24, 2017


The trip was long, but I slept on the longest leg so it was good. I got fed every time I turned around. Three meals on the first flight and one each on the next two. I posted pictures of the Taipei Airport and the Bangkok airport on Facebook. The trip takes about 20 hours but you cross the international date line so it appears to take an extra day. Fran and Jeff met me at the airport. Thailand is a drive on the other side of the road place.
Jeff took us to a Thai restaurant for supper and we stopped and visited a market square and the French bakery. They were out of croissants so Jeff ordered some for the next day. Jeff's friend is letting us stay at her villa for a few days as no friends are visiting.
Yesterday I slept until 10:00 and we lounged at the pool all day. It is a small pool but I'm not an Olympic swimmer so I just float around in it.
Jeff took us out to dinner for steak last night. A huge tbone and it cost about $8.00 each.

Today we are going to a three storey shopping mall called Central Festival Samui. I will post pictures on Facebook.

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