Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My Postcard Wall

I forgot to tell you that you can see the cards I have received officially by clicking on this link.

The ones I post here will be special ones I got through the forum or ones I really like.

I took this picture today looking out at the site. Several times I had to close the blinds because the sunshine was so bright - then this would happen and I would open them. Ten minutes later back to sunshine.

That is a snow squall folks. We couldn't see clearly across the parking lot.

I have discovered I have a health issue I have to look after. I'm very lucky though. We caught it early and a minor surgical procedure should fix me up. I am also lucky that I have a date for the pre-op and the procedure, so I can get on with my life and not sit around unable to make plans.

Frances and I are off to Port Stanley on Saturday. We are going to ride the Port Stanley Terminal Railway and see if the station has any of the great train postcards I showed in the last post. Everyone loves them and I've sent my last one. If the weather is nice we may come back via Port Burwell and see if we can see the Ojibwa class submarine that is going to be a museum this summer.

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