Wednesday, April 18, 2012

April - New Life and New Adventures

I decided that Air Miles were to be used not saved so I used mine to visit Peggy and Mike for Easter.  I was an uneventful relaxing wonderful weekend. I got to see my niece and nephew and my sisters grandchildren by the time the weekend was over.  We just did ordinary things - we went grocery and plant shopping. We visited Canadian Tire and they had local postcards for sale. I was quite surprised at the quality, variety and price. Colleen, Brendan, Breanne, Kyle and Uncle Martin came for Easter Dinner. The cooking and the company were both great.

I flew back on Monday and delivered Birthday cards to Brett from his dad and me. Emma was there so I got to see all of Peggy's grandchildren that weekend.  Emma and I are going to a Blue Jays game on April 27th in Toronto.  I hope to pickup some interesting postcards at the CN Tower while we are there.

This week I discovered that the robins are back building a new nest and my favorite flowers are in bloom. Spring has sprung! I spent two nights digging up dandelions. Now I have no dandelions but I have holes in the lawn.
On the subject of Postcards I am going to start putting my postcards on this website.  I am getting approx 15-20 each month. I will try to blog at least once a week. I may do some catch-ups of old ones that I haven't posted before.

 1) Switzerland - Train Station in Zurich (Under Construction)

 2) Moscows Kievskaya Metro Station

Interesting Candy from Malaysia

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