Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Update

I arrived in California safely and the parcel of Christmas presents got here before Christmas.  Spent the first couple of days relaxing and then got into the Christmas spirit or was that spirits. It has been very cold here at night - freezing in fact. I thought I came down to get warm but it hasn't turned out that way. 
We visited with the Gravers for an afternoon of Christmas cookies on Christmas Eve and then popped in for a few hours after lunch. Brian had arrived home around 10:00 am from a flight from New York (he was the pilot not a passenger so he was rather tired but was happy to see us. we will arrange to see them again for lunch or dinner before I leave.
We had a lovely Christmas. The kids liked the Canada T-Shirts and all the little things I brought. Gary and Chris appreciated the herbs, coffee, fudge and Canadian peameal bacon.  I had to go through special screening because of the Bacon.  I froze it so it would keep and the customs lady asked if it was a good brand and should she buy some. It was quite funny. Then I went through screening and I had brought Christine a teaball with a long handle and I had to open my suitcase as they wanted to check that it wasn't a weapon.

Gary and Christine and I are going on the Wine Train today.  I will blog about it later.

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